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The Rush County Health Department issues Retail Food Establishment Permits to Temporary Event Vendors, as well as all establishments that serve food to the general public. All vendors must contact the Environmental Health Specialist at(765) 932-3103. Please be advised that you must have a Certified Food Handler (410 IAC 7-22) on staff, or your application will not be approved. Please be prepared to present a copy of your certification to the Food Safety Inspector, when setting up for a Temporary Event in Rush County.


National Restaurant Association recommends the following websites:
For ServSafe Manager:
For ServSafe Food Handler: and



The following information is designed to guide you through the Residential On Site Septic System process for Rush County, Indiana. All guidelines are in accordance with those set forth by the Indiana State Department of Health and 410 IAC 6.8-3. You must contact the Rush County Health Department before you begin installing an On Site Septic System at (765) 932-2216.

For Commercial site installation, please contact the Environmental Health Specialist at (765) 932-2216, or (765) 932-3103, for further guidance.


Residents of Walker and Posey Townships in Western Rush County Regional Sewer and Water District

If you are a resident of Walker or Posey Townships, primarily in the towns of Arlington, Homer, or Manilla, you must contact the Western Rush County Regional Sewer and Water District and hook up to the municipal wastewater system, if available at your home site.


Please contact (765) 663-5871 to confirm the status of your property. The following information form (Western Rush County Regional Water and Sewer District) must be completed by residents of Walker and Posey Townships, before the application for an On-Site Septic System will be processed for Permit, by the Rush County Health Department.


Rush County Ordinance No. 2011-9: Tattoo, Piercing, and Body Modification

NOTE: anyone wanting to operate a tattoo/permanent makeup parlor or as an artist of such, need to follow 410 IAC section 1-5 which they can be found online by googling 410 IAC 1-5


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