Americans with Disabilities Act informatino and resources.

Property location, ownership, sale histroy and assesed value information.

County budgetary, County Commissioner’s and County Council information.

Jurisdiction includes criminal and civil cases originating in Rush County, Indiana.

Administers Elections, Voter Registration and official court records.

Responsible for the administration of all county business.

Investigates any sudden, unexpected, unwitnessed or unnatural death.

The financial powers of the county are held by the County Council.

Authority over the Community Corrections and  Probation Departments.

EMA is the support arm to Rush County Emergency Services

GIS technology allows users access to the same base maps and database.

Promotes and enforces public health laws and needs.

Maintenance for Rush County roads, side ditches, bridges, and concrete/pipe culverts.

Plan, coordinate and direct administrative functions for the County.

Maintain and migrate computer, network, software, Internet and security systems.

Administers County Zoning Ordinances and the Subdivision Control Ordinance.

Prosecutes all criminal  cases, and other Infractions in Rush County.

Provide quality representation of defendants in criminal cases when appointed.

The chief function of the recorder is to preserve public records.

Serves as conservator of the peace to protect the  community .

Reduces the waste stream to landfills by promoting recycling and re-use.

Jurisdiction includes criminal and civil cases originating in Rush County, Indiana.

Maintains county maps and  all regulated drains in the county.

Help provide for basic necessities and community services.

Responsible for collecting taxes and managing delinquencies.

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