Sheriff Allan Rice 70-45


Sheriff Allan Rice 70-45The Sheriff is a constitutional officer elected for a term of four years by vote of the entire county and is prohibited from serving more than eight years within a twelve-year period.

Primary duties of the Sheriff are to:

Contact Information

Emergency: 911

Rush County Sheriff’s Office
131 East First Street
Rushville, Indiana 46173

Phone: 765-932-2931
Fax: 765-932-2467

E-9ll Dispatchers
Ben Ott, Sergeant 70-88
Leeann Lacy-Jacobs, Lieutenant 70-61
Tanner Hall 70-72
Devin Munson 70-67
Diana Potters 70-71
Kaylee Nicholls 70-64
Korah Taylor 70-65

Administrative Staff


Courthouse Security Officers

Correction Officers

Reserve Deputies

Civil Service Processor

Special Deputies

Transport Officer


Kitchen Staff

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