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Broadband Connect - Rush County Indiana Task Force

The Rush County Broadband Connect Task Force is an all-volunteer group formed in the spring of 2019 under the leadership of Dr. Roberto Gallardo, assistant director for the Purdue Center for Regional Development.

Members of the task force are representative of county/city government, schools, local economic development organizations, community foundation, farm organizations, utilities, banks, students, private citizens, nonprofits/social service groups, and attorneys.

Information on the program

Broadband Speed Test:

Help us gather speed test results to help justify faster Internet speeds for Rush County!  Run the test here.


Every home/business in Rush County has affordable, adequate, and reliable internet access and be able to fully participate in a digital economy and society.


Work with providers, community leaders, organizations, and residents to improve internet access and digital literacy throughout Rush County.


Goal 1.  Improve/upgrade broadband connectivity and access throughout Rush County, Indiana in multiple phases.

Goal 2.  Improve quality and ownership of computing devices throughout the county.

Goal 3.  Improve digital skills and literacy among multiple groups in the community.

Goal 4.  Integrate digital inclusion strategies into the community and economic development efforts.

Contact Information

Rush County Courthouse
101 East Second Street
Rushville, Indiana 46173


Task Force co-chairs:

Mark McCorkle

Carole Yeend