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James Cowan, 70-20

The Sheriff is a constitutional officer elected for a term of four years by vote of the entire county and is prohibited from serving more than eight years within a twelve-year period.

Primary duties of the Sheriff are to:

Contact Information

Emergency: 911

Rush County Sheriff’s Office
131 East First Street
Rushville, Indiana 46173

Phone: 765-932-2931
Fax: 765-932-2467

Department Staff

David J. Sliger, Chief Deputy, 70-41
Terry Drake, Deputy Lieutenant 70-46
Randy Meek, Deputy Detective Sergeant 70-48
Joshua C. Brinson, K9 Deputy Sergeant 70-47
Doug Keith, Deputy Sergeant 70-50
Clay Ratliff, Deputy 70-44
Steven J. Houston, Deputy 70-43
Matthew Hedrick, Deputy 70-40
Allan Rice, Deputy 70-45
Daniel Meyer, Deputy 70-49
Shawn Smallwood, Deputy 70-42

Courthouse Security Officers
Brent Dougherty, 70-25

Correction Officers
Joe Jarman, Co-Jail Commander, 70-80
Richard T. Gosser, Co-Jail Commander, 70-81
Mark L. Rider, Sergeant 70-82
Chris Plough, 70-83
Brandon Colestock, 70-84
Bradley J. Massey 70-86
Jordan Hoeing, 70-87
Benjamin Ott 70-88
William Jones 70-79
Josh Clifton, part-time 70-89
Christopher Reynolds,part-time 70-74
Steven Rech, part-time, 70-77
Traci Rodgers, part-time  70-75
John Todd, Transportation Officer, 70-76

E-9ll Dispatchers
Kayla L. Lathrop, Lieutenant 70-64
Leeann M. Lacy, 70-61
Casey Breese, Sergeant 70-66
Devin Munson 70-67
Cory Hill 70-65
Adam Buckely, 70-68
Philip M Harr, part-time 70-62
Derrick Justice, part-time 70-60

Barbara E. McMahan 70-63

Sheri L. Blackford, Office Manager
Madonna Hedrick, part-time clerical
Danny Lacy, Civil Process Server 70-32
Dahl Petry, part-time Civil Process Server 70-33

Reserve Deputies
Jerry Gulley 70-38
Brian Spilman 70-51
Cord Coyle 70-53
Eric Elwell, Jr. 70-54
Eric Elwell 70-56
Robert Mahan 70-57
Mike Buckley 70-58
Brandon Cross 70-59
Cory Hill 70-65